Oh my gosh, how hard is it to be a mum!

Through all the juggling and having 3 conversations at once we often try to work, exercise and even dare I say, go out! But things that we took for granted become luxuries - Sometimes even our sense of feeling in control and having choices.

Mindfulness has been surprising for me as a mum. Initially I thought of it as just another thing to add to the list of things I 'should do', but once I properly adopted the mindful attitude as habit I have found a new sense of myself as content, calm and in control. Elsie (11, going on 14!) and Charlie (9) even say I'm "less shouty and more funner". (Yes, I said less shouty - mindfulness won't make you perfect or turn you into a robot!).

What its not:  Relaxation; Easy; Therapy; Brain-washing; Religious

What it is:   Energising; Surprising; Worth giving a go!

So you exercise, eat healthy-ish, and do your nails once in a while - How about a little slot for mindfulness - who knows you might find the exercise and healthy eating get a little easier with it!

NB I'm speaking as a mum because that's my role, but dad's are equally welcome and certainly as in need of nourishing.

Mindful Parenting Group to be arranged if enough interest is shown, so please do get in touch.